Predictably, men’s-rights activists and affiliated groups are rejecting this out of hand. Gillette took a look at the current submissions, along with the scripts you sent in. Interestingly, the Gillette YouTube account doesn’t call this an ad but a ‘short film’. Committed to quality and nonstop innovation, it’s what Gillette still stands for today. The Best a Man Can Get ads are creating controversy for Gillette but there is strong marketing rationale behind the project. Unless you had something better to do this week, you’ve probably seen Gillette’s new ‘The Best Men Can Be’ campaign. 2:51. ‘The Best A Man Can Get.’ As a brand that encourages men to be their best, we are committed to driving change that matters and promoting #TheBestMenCanBe. Save. A new Gillette advertisement is causing quite the stir on social media, just days after it debuted on YouTube. Gillette has long propagated its role in a man's life as the great confidence-builder, telling us a clean shave means you look good, you can get what you want and, yes, the ladies will take notice. This campaign continued to create a strong emotional connection with men throughout the early- and mid-1990s, enhancing Gillette’s longtime position as the leader in male shaving. And while they provided individual feedback, here’s what they had to say overall. Gillette. You’ll have one extra week to complete your submissions. On Monday, the brand, which is owned by Procter & Gamble, released a new short film called “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be.” "We can't hide from it. It’s upfront about intending to spark an emotional response. The original ‘Best a Man Can Get’ campaign was first shown in 1989. From ‘The best a man can get’ to ‘The best a man can be’, did Gillette cut it wrong? King C. Gillette and his amazing razor were the first disruptors to the Grooming Category as well as the Barbershop industry. January 17, 2019 — 12.00am . In the lesson students watch a short film, speak about masculinity, read a transcript and Twitter comments and write their own Twitter comment. But that’s not all! This ELT lesson plan is designed around a viral short film commissioned by the brand Gillette. - Duration: 2:51. ragesaq Recommended for you. Gillette and longtime agency BBDO New York, part of the Omnicom Group, lift up viewers with the new "The Best a Man Can Get" anthem as they pitch the Altra Plus. While it has traditionally marketed its razors to men — “the best a man can get” — Gillette has been trying to reach new demographics in a bid to revive a flagging business that has seen a decline in demand for razors and blades. The Best a Man Can Get ads are creating controversy for Gillette but there is strong marketing rationale behind the project. Yesterday, Gillette released a video starting their “The Best Men Can Be” campaign to stop the stigmas and stereotypes that men and boys have been subject to for decades. But the most controversial assault on masculinity in the last week was razor company Gillette’s release of a two-minute promotional video called “We Believe: the Best Men Can Be.” It immediately went viral with well over 19 million views (as of this writing) and spurred a massive backlash. Dr Disrespect - Gillette (The Best A Man Can Get) By 199X - The BEST song beat saber can get! The company says it … Gillette sparks emotions, controversy, possibly gold with ‘We Believe: The Best A Man Can Be’ video Many are asking if Gillette's commentary on toxic masculinity is too controversial. Gillette is making waves for its new ad that draws inspiration from the Me Too movement. Meaning matters. Gillette is making waves for its new ad that draws inspiration from the Me Too movement. We’ve got news for you on our Gillette “Best a Man Can Get” project. The Gillette "We Believe" includes a voice narrating over scenes of bullies, sexual harassment and masculinity. The Best A Man Can Get. Gillette’s not 'the best a man can get' By Rachael Jacobs. To find out how ‘The Best Men Can Be’ measures up against these three tests, we tested the new Gillette campaign alongside a 1980s classic ‘Best a man can get’ film. Gillette is committed to driving change that matters, starting with our own actions and expanding out to programs that support men taking positive action everywhere. Gillette has a new take on "The Best a Man Can Get" in a campaign from Grey that tackles bullying, sexism and #MeToo, laying responsibility on men to be better. Log in, register or subscribe to save articles for later. As part of the campaign, Gillette has also changed its 30-year tagline from "the best a man can get" to "the best a man can be". Meaning matters. In a new ad campaign, the razor company Gillette is asking men to commit to kindness, solidarity, and common decency. The new deadline will be Feb. 15th at 3 PM Rome Time. One such effort was a Gillette commercial spotlighting masculinity and the #MeToo movement. It's been going on far too long. The ad builds off of Gillette’s 30-year-old slogan “The Best a Man Can Get” by urging men to speak up and act out against bullying, sexual harassment and assault, and violence. In 1901, King C. Gillette shook up the world of shaving by introducing a razor that gave men the option to get a shave in the convenience of their own home. Engaging with the #MeToo movement, the company’s new advertising campaign plays on its 30-year tagline “The best a man can get”, replacing it with “The best men can be”. But from whom? The company introduced “Gillette. This sequel, which is dubbed ‘Best Men’, aims to demonstrate that Gillette understands what being the best … To help make this a reality, we are distributing $1 Million per year for the next three years to non-profit organizations executing the most interesting and impactful programs designed to The razor company's short film, called Believe, plays on their famous slogan "The best a man can get", replacing it with "The best men can be". Step 1. KSI Donates $1,000 to Dr Disrespect - … This week, Gillette released its newest commercial — that plays out more like a short film — in which the #MeToo movement is addressed, “boys will be boys” is no longer an acceptable reply and their 30-year slogan, “the best a man can get,” is brought into the modern era by twisting it to focus on “the best men can be.” "Is this the best a man can get… Just check out previous Gillette razor ads where women can't keep their hands off freshly shaven men. The razor company is known for their tagline, "The Best A Man Can Get… The Best a Man Can Get” in 1989 and used it extensively in launching the Gillette Sensor shaving system. Then from an online panel of over 2.5 million, around 200 consumers reviewed the content and answered questions that scored the work on three key dimensions (ICE).