CA. 18 inch is better and more beautiful, Hello is ok to use 195/55r15 for honda civic 2003vti? Can I install 205/55 r16 tires on CRz wheels? 注意! i have a 2014 civic Si sedan and 18 inch stock wheels. Hi,Dillon,Fomr my data.the 2014 honda civic specs is 17 inch,the offset is 50mm,PCD is 5*114.3. Hi,Philip,Yes,it can fit for.I suggest that you'd better also use 17'' wheels. Hi there. tire. For full details such as dimensions, cargo … Thanks. is it a big deal if I put tires size 205/65/15 on a car that takes size 195/65/15, It's a Honda civic 2008Please let me know, I have 195-65r15 on my 2010 honda civic now and was wondering if i can put 205-55r16 on my car as winter tires and do i need to do anything to correct for the size differanc thanks, Hi,Shane,I do not recommand you to change tire into 16inch,if you can change rims into 16 inch, Hi I have a 2008 civic lx coupe and was thinking about getting 18x18.75 +35 offset. Surrender. Always. Which size rim is better, 17 or 18 inch? 2016 Honda Civic Sedan LX 215/55R16 2016 Honda Civic Sedan Touring 215/50R17 Hello I have a 2004 honda civic 2dr coupe with 185/65/r15 tires. Can I mount these rims on the Civic with 195/60/15 tires? Wheel Fasteners: Lug nuts Honda Civic 2016 tire sizes: 1.5 i : 215/50R17, 215/55R16, 235/40ZR18 2.0 i : 215/55R16, 215/50R17 Honda Civic rim, tire sizes (2011 – 2016) 2016 Rim Sizes: 7×16 – 8×18 Thread size: M12 x 1 Thanks, Jack. Hi,Erwin,The standard wheel offset is 45mm. Could you please tell me if these would be appropriate. thanks ! Thanks in advance! I just bought a honda civic 2004 with P185/70R14 tires. Thanks. What are the other sizes that i can use? I have an 2010 civic si and got wheels 18 by 9 and 22 offset. Do you recommend 205/45 R 18? THEY ARE 5 STUD WHEELS AND HAVE APPROX 12000 KMS ON THEM . Also are 215 40 18 or 225 40 18 performance tires both okay for the wheels and the car? I found a a tire 205 40 17. Hi,Ty,it can not fit for your car.try195/40/17. Hi,Golds,15*8 and 6mm offset can not fit for your cars,8'' width can not fit for your tire.the 6mm offset is also too low. Thank you, Hi,Ronald,205/40/17 can;t fit for your car,the new tire diameter is too large than normal torlerance.If you wnat to use 16''/17'' tires.You can try 205/45/17 or 215/50/16. Civic Touring Sedan shown in Rallye Red. One is 215/45 16 the other is 215/55 15. Tire Rack makes it easy when you shop by vehicle. What size tires should I run 225/40r18 or 215/40r18? Hi, i have a stock 95 accord & was wondering if i could fit 15x8 rims with a +15mm offset with out any rubbing? Okay and any chance i cud fix the speed/monitor thing? Hello Jessica, you can use 17 or 18 inch size rim. Dont know where to check it out. was wondering what width profile i should be looking at if 17" or 18" rims will fit for that 1.6L civic, I have a 2014 civic EX stock 205/60/r16 tire, 16x7 wheel and i want to buy new 215/45/r17 tire and 17x8 wheels. 知識を共有しましょう!, 新しいホイールサイズアプリがApp Storeストアで利用可能になりました。 あらゆる車のホイール装備、検索履歴、プロのタイヤテストに関するニュース-すべて 1つのアプリで, 新しいホイールサイズアプリがGoogle Playストアで利用可能になりました。 あらゆる車のホイール装備、検索履歴、プロのタイヤテストに関するニュース-すべて 1つのアプリで, はホイールガイドおよびカタログです。 I'm using this tire on my 2012 civic so far handling is better than 195/65/15 but speedometer will be affected by 2% increase meaning if you speedo is100 kmh ur actually running at 102 kmh as the 2% is the diameter difference between the two tires. Honda Accord Wheel Size & Specs 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 R17 2020 Honda Accord i am thinking of getting a 17" or 18" in replacement of a stock 205/55/16" civic sedan. Honda Accord 2016 - Find out the correct alloy wheel fitment, PCD, offset and such specs as bolt pattern, thread size(THD), center bore(CB) for Honda Accord 2016 About us is a Wheel … Or its more better using rim 17 only? Can I install them on the Civic? I have 205/55/16 winter tires. The rims I am looking at are 16 x 7 with 42 offset and 64.1 mm centre. Thanks in advance! Hello, I'm looking for the widest tires that will fit on my 2013 Honda Civic's stock 6.5x16 alum wheels without rubbing...Thanks, hello im trying to buy rims for my civic 2010 sedan I would like some advise on if these rims will fit my car!! I'm looking to upgrade and need to confirm that PDC 4 x 100, 7JJ x 17 205/40 wheels will fit my vehicle. Seasons Greetings, I live in Calgary Alberta and am looking at buying winter rims for a 2012 Honda Civic EX with 16 inch wheels. I was wondering if 205/65 R15 tire will be possible for the the back wheels.Thanks, Hey I have a 2016 Honda hrs. i mean on the speed and handling ,,etc . 2016 Honda Civic Touring 4dr CVT features and specs at Car and Driver. Bolt Pattern: 5 x 115mm. Sorry a few spelling mistakes. I TRADED MY 13 CIVIC IN AND BOUGHT A HR-C, AND IT HAS I6 IN WHEELS . Hello traveldvd, yes you can use 205/55 r16. Thank you. I have a 2009 honda civic. At low speed, the car is shaking but as speed move more then 40km/h strange sound started. how about the centre bore ? Filter Tire Results [+] Direzza DZ102 Thanks. Do you think that it should work for the Civic? (ie rolling fenders). Please help, my friend gave me 4 winter tires with rims from a 2005 nissan altima 215/60r16. Thanks. Its a $915 option! Because I read below the maximum you can go 7.5inch, means 18x7 ? ハイライトされたアイテムはOEMホイール用で、その他のアイテムは交換用オプションです, 注意! It is closer to the brakes and calipers, but does not appear to be touching. What is the scrub radius for civics? I have a 2004 civic cvp It has 185 70 14 tires. Hi,I currently have a 2005 (55 plate) Civic running stock wheels. Will this work or fit my civic? ...not sure on what’s the best / biggest / widest / maximum tires or rims will fit your car? Can I put a 205/70 R15 tire on a 2007 Honda civic? I found a posting on craigslist for a pair of 17" enkei wheels and the tire sizes 225/45/r17 on the back and 205/45/r17 on the front is this good for the civic or is the rear size two big? Hello Cheryl. Can I put my snow tires that are from my 2012 civic that are 16" on for the winter ?? thank you, i bought a 17" rims for my honda civic 2014 model. The above graph makes it look like they only fit the 2.0L engine. I have 2008 Honda civic Ex-L. I'm planning to change my tire/wheels into rim 18, what tire am i going to install without any rubbing issue when turning by left or right vice versa, is it 215/45 or 225/40, my car is not lowered, it is in STOCk suspension. We strive to help you get the information you need about PCD, offset, rims and all other wheel and tire data that you need for your vehicle. for my new civic 2018 (originals tires on these RSX wheels are 205 x 55R16)??? Hi, can I fit my 2003 element 16in rims on my 2006 accord ? Is that a problem? Hi,Dominik Groleau,what your current wheel and tire size? I am looking into putting 17" winter tires on my 2010 honda civic 4 door. Would be nice with the cold weather! I am wondering if a 16x8 wheel with an at +12 will fit? Thanks for the info John. Dinged, dented or somehow damaged wheels can downgrade your vehicle's look, but i bought a 17" rims for my honda civic 2014 model. Hi there, can you tell me of a particular wheel will fit my 2007 Honda civic si? NEW Genuine OEM 2016-2018 Honda Civic 16" Wheel Cover 44733-TBA-A13 (Fits: 2016 Honda Civic) 3.5 out of 5 stars (3) 3 product ratings - NEW Genuine OEM 2016-2018 Honda Civic 16" Wheel … I know this is long shot but Ill ask any way.. Thanks! Yes you can I have 235 30 20 which r 20x8.5 no rubbing. I've never dealt with spacers before? Pls help Sir..which is better and no problem will occur.. Is it ok to use (on my new civic) my old mags from RSX 03 for winter tires ( are 6.5J x 16ET45 ) and which winter tires size will be better to buy on these 6.5J mags : 215 or 205 (both 55-R16?) I know it's four bolt pattern but not sure which one will fit a 15x6 or 15x6.5 or is there a real difference any help would be great. I do know they are 18 inch. Thanks a lot! by the way my suspension is stock..XXR 531 17x8 Gloss Black 5-100/5-114.3 [+25mm]. what is the best tires for those rims. The analysis of alternative tire sizes with the standard Thanks for advise!! Select a Size to Compare Prices on Available Tires Honda equips the 2019 Civic Sedan Touring with a 235/40R18 tire. Hi, Tyler,No,215/55/16 can't fit for your car. i am concerned that i will put mileage quicker for the new car. Honda equips the 2016 Civic Sedan EX with a 215/55R16 tire. I have a honda civic hybrid 2003. I want 20" but need some advice on tire size if it works. Can I use the rims of my honda civic 1997 rated for tires P185/65R14 on the honda civic 2004? Wheel size is 205/55 17R. Then I crashed the car while on the winter tires. Compare the 2016 Honda Civic wheel and rim size across different trims / styles. Got 2 different opinions so far on what winter tires to use. The car I have is a hrv and the civic wheels are off a 2017. civic 2000 sedan new tyres 215/45R17 it works? I have 205/50/15 tires and need to know the correct offset for no rubbing. How can i show u a picture of the wheel/tire? just wondering!! Wheel fitment and tire size guide and knowledge base, Information guide to help before purchasing alloy wheels, Find out what tire size will fit on your Vehicle, Find matching vehicles by specific Bolt Pattern, Find matching vehicles by specific Tire Size. Hello Derek. Package you selected will properly fit your car. Use data of at your website. I have a 1994 honda civic cx (CDM) Want to know if 215/55r16 will fit. Is this true and, if so, what size tires do I need to get? Hi,Francis,According to OE data,205/60/r15 can't fit for your car.But,If you can show me your fixed tires size,I can check for you again. Hi there, can I fit a 16x8 wheels on a 1997 civic? They came with 16" stock. 96 honda civic dx 13 in tires can i go to a 14''or 15'' rim if i find the same lug pattern. sir,I am using 215/45 R17 Tyre. I have 2008 civic with 205 55 16 tires. Hi, great website! Hi,Rakoon Lowk,The 16 inch tire can fit for your car,But you'd better confirm the wheels size firstly. Wheel / Rim Size Compare the 2016 Honda CR-V wheel and rim size across different trims / styles. I bought Honda Civic 2007 Ex (all stock no modification) from a friend.. Bolt pattern is 4*100; current tire size is p175/70 r14.Thanks. The offset of 47 is over the limit of 45 on the site - is that a problem ? 1.8 thank you. Hello Razkal, you need to go to the garage and do the balancing or alignment! Will there be no rub or anything harmful to my car? Also can I fit X42655 steel rims (16", 6.5" wide, 5x114.3)? Hi,Phil,No,it is not compatible for your car. Hello I have a honda civic 07 sedan ex and wanted to know if 225/50r16 tires would fit fine on my car? For your 2016 Honda Civic Sedan Touring. 2016 Honda Civic Touring Tires Find the right 2016 Honda Civic Touring tires at great prices Your neighborhood Tires Plus Total Car Care store carries great 2016 Honda Civic Touring tires, all affordably priced and ready for Thanks, Hi,Karlo,195/65/r15 can't fit for your car.try 195/50/15. I just saw EX-L trim has stock 215/45/r17 tire and 17x7 wheel size. Hi,Ty,Does your 2007 civic is 2.2 TDI?If yes,It can fit for. Hi,Karim,You need't to send me a picture,You just need to check your tire and will find a code,Format example will like ***/**/R**,you just write it to me. 2016年式ホンダ シビックタイプR - の正しい合金ホイール装着、PCD、オフセット、およびボルトパターン、ネジサイズ(THD)、ハブ径などスペックを見つけます ニュース と厳然たる事実 常に改善を重ねています! wheel-size.jpがiOSプラットフォーム向けの新しいアプリを発表 Just wondering if 2016 Honda civic wheels will fit. Hi,Cjs,Can you explain the +12?is that means the offset?if yes.the offset is too low,it can't fit for. I have a 2013 Honda Civic sedan Ex. 10 Road Departure Mitigation only alerts drivers when lane drift is detected without a turn signal in use and can apply mild steering torque to assist driver in maintaining proper lane position and/or brake pressure to slow the vehicle's departure from a detected lane. Help please!! Hi,Tommy Link,It is not lowered 2 inch,It is Lowered 2mm,It is ok,The felxibility is +_5 MM. Hi,Daniel,16 inch tire can fit for your civic,But you'd better to confirm the size of your wheel firstly. I'm wondering if they will fit my car? I am purchasing a New 2014 Civic EX and was wondering if the 215/55 R16 Winter Tires I have would fit on the Civic's stock rims, and be usable? will the tire fit on my 2018 civic SE 215/55r16?thanks. tire. Hi. So would having the 205 65 16 in the back and the 205 55 16 in the front be a problem? Thanks in advance for your help! hey i have a 2010 honda civic dx-g was wondering if these rims will fit please let me know thanks! I was wondering If an 18x8.75in rim would wit with 245x40x18 tires. Thanks for any pointers. They are mounted on 16" rims. I supose dimensions of my steel wheels are 5-5.5×14 et45. Hi,Pocho,Yes,you can use 16*6.5 wheels.For the steel wheels and tires,it also fit for. Hello I have a 2013 civic, with 17" rims. She wants new tires for graduation. Hi, another question, I have a 2013 Civic Si sedan.Can I fit the 2015 Civic Si oem 18" wheels? can you put P205/55 R 16 tire and Rims on 2013 Honda civic LX that has an original size 15 tire and Rims, Hi,Alex,No,16 inch tire can just fit for 16 inch wheel, Will a 16x8 Machined Black Tuff T01 6x5.5 with a -13mm offset and a 108.0 hub bore fit a 2014 honda civic that came with a factory rim of 15inch, I have a stock 2008 honda civic si. Can I fit 215/55/16 into my 2000 Honda Civic, Can I fit 215/55/16 into my 2000 Honda Civic? Honda Civic 2016 - Découvrez les ajustements correctes de jantes alliages, de Entraxe, de Déport et les différentes caractéristiques telles que les diamètre de perçage, les filetages et les alésages pour Honda Civic … Sorry New to this. I HAVE 4 TIGER PAWS WITH NEW STEEEL WHEELS . Write about the tires you are currently driving on. Thank you. Then specify the new wheel's width and offset to What is the implications on my type r if i change from 18" rims to 16"? Will 195/70/R14 snow tires fit on my 2007 Civic LX? The wheels are 7.5" wide with an offset of ET47. Hello again, so what changes will i feel in the car?Because some people are saying that my civic wont handle the 17" rims and im not even getting why, Hi,Karim,17 inch rims can fit for your car.If you take 215/50/17,The real car speed will faster than speed monitor.Big diameter can increase car speed. Hi. Told to use same size for winter tires, but also told can use P205/55R16. is a Wheel Guide and catalogue. Hi, I have a 2004 Civic 7 gen (eu3) from Europe, listed in the documentation is either 195 60 r15 or 205 55 r16, can I use 205 60 r16 for winter tires? Would it be suitable to change from 195/65R15 on my 2008 Honda Civic to 235/45 R18 ? Just wondering if these will fit in the wheels wells. THE ALL-NEW 2016 CIVIC Civic Touring Sedan shown in Crystal Black Pearl. Thanks, Hi,Ress,you can try 225/40/18,the wheel size can be 18*7.5 offset45 bolt pattern 5*114.3. Will the 17" wheels be a problem? Will 215/70 r14 tires on rims off a Honda CR-V work on my 2005 Honda Civic? I think it it impossible. (1.6L)is there any recommendations for it and how much does it affect performance of car ? Is 195 65 15 ok for the car? 2016 Honda Civic Touring Sedan tire and wheel sizes What tire size for Honda Civic Touring Sedan in 2016, the model offered since November 2015 for North America ? Hi,heidi,The stock wheel size for your car is 16''. Hi i am planning to purchase a 2016 honda civic touring with stock 215/50/17 tires. Honda Civic 2016 - Find out the correct alloy wheel fitment, PCD, offset and such specs as bolt pattern, thread size(THD), center bore(CB) for Honda Civic 2016 About us is a Wheel Guide and catalogue. Hi.Garth,Yes,it can fit will not rub the wheels.But you should pay more attention to wheel offset.if it is too low,it may rub the wheel well. 16" 7.5jj rims with it better on ek3 sedan? Just bought a brand new 2014 Honda civic touring edition with P215/45R17 tires. Hi, my new civic2018 have from factory 215-55R16 4 seasons tires on 7J x16ET45 mags. Hello Isaac, You should use 205/50 R17 or 215/45 R17 tire size and 7x17 ET55 wheel size, Im looking to put 15X8 inch jnc rims with some low profile wheels on my 2001 4dr honda civic Dx Sedan. I have a 2009 civic sedan. I spent about $800 for the winter tires and rims. Learn more about Price, Engine Type, MPG, and complete safety and warranty information. Will they fit on the base model steel rims and will it affect anything in regards to speedometer, handling, etc. Hii,I have Honda Civic 2000 Sedan (EJ9). Also does increasing the rim size change the calibration of the speedometer? What is the flexibility on these specs given the correct tire size. Hi, I found a set of Honda Fit rims (15 inch - 6 wide and 55 offset) for my 2004 Honda Civic DX. Same. I bought a cool pair of Honda "take offs" that were brand new from a Honda CRZ - tire size 195/55r16. Wheels 18x8 offset +40mm bp 5x114.3 with tires 225/45/r18. Size: 16" x 7". Is that et36 too small, is it going to have bad impact on suspension and steering system? Thanks and I love the site. I think someone else asked this as well, but didn't see an answer. i have honda civic 2008 its came with tire 195/65/15 i want to change it to 205/65/15 winter tires will gonna be problem on car ? I,M IN MISSISSAUGA ONT. will 215/55/r16 winter tires fit on a 2013 honda civic ex? Thanks. by the way my suspension is stock.. XXR 531 17x8 Gloss Black 4-100/4-114.3 [+25mm], i posted the wrong specification on my last post these rims im trying to buy for my civic 2010 sedan I would like some advise on it..if these rims will fit my car!! and will it cause any issues with rubbing etc . I picked up a set of stock 17" alloy Accord wheels. USED 2 MONTH,S LOCAL DRIVING TO WORK . Hello what is max size for honda civic 1.4i 3d 66kw i have atm 205/45/16 and they want pass me when i do registration on my car they saying size is to big is that correct or not? What is the 2014 Honda Civic SI Sedan stock rim specs? Thanks. The right fit. I read that the biggest rims I could put were 17". !18 IN PRODRIVE WHEELS ;;TIRES ARE SOLD 114.3 X 5 BOLT PATTERN 81/2 front 91/2 rear,, I have 1997 honda civic. Hi,Lega,According to my data,the stock tire size for your car is 185/60/14,And the tire calculator show that 205/40/17 can't fit for,You can try 195/40/17, Hi just asking what is the best tyre size of my rim is 16s..Honda civic 2006 LX. Can I run a 215/70R14 or will they scrub? Or what tire size you will recommend if im foing to change to 16 or 17 inch wheel? They are winter tires and rims that I'm looking to buy. Order today for cheap and fast shipping! Hello, I own a Honda Civic 2006 LX it comes with 16" 205 wide rims,will installing 17" rims have a decrease in the car's performance and power? Wanted to know if 215 65 16 tires are okay? From searching the site the only difference is the offset, civic being 45 and he being 55.also the profile civic is 50 he is 55. Thanks for the helpWassim. I can recommand you a better 17'' one. If so what should be the tire size for it? Hi,Karim,No,increase rims size does not decrease the car's performance.But you need to change a right size tire.So,Can you show your 16'' tire size? No rubbing issue anfd fitted well on original steel rim . We have a 2009 CivicDX with base model steel wheels. Is this correct? hi thanks for the reply, what i meant is i am intending to get a larger rim in place of the current 16". Honda Accord EX / EX-L / LX / LX-S / Touring 2016, 16" 10 Spiral-Spoke Satin Black with Machined Face and Machined Line Alloy Factory Wheel by ART Replica®. Hello I have a Honda Civic 2014 lx, I have some spare rims that I measured which are 18 inch rims with a width of 6.5, I'm wondering what size of tire will fit this and if it's possible to have it fit on this model. I want to install 17x8 rims and tires 225/45r17.. WOULD THAT BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT MODIFICATION? Or do I need a spacer? My car four Tyre are from different companies. I purchased a 2015 Honda Civic LX with 195/65r15 Firestone tires on steel rims. I recently bought summer tires for my 2006 Civic LX. can i switch out 185 60 15 tires for 205 60 r16 tires on a 2003 honda civic ex coupe? Thanks for the info. I believe the wheel is 17" 7.5" wide with an offset of 55mm. Hi,Mike H,1,17*7.5 wheels from Accord wheels can fit for your car.2,For the offset 55mm,I think It is not fitable,Your old 15'' wheel offset is 45mm.It beyond too large(Normally,the difference within +-5mm).3,for the spacer,If 17'' car wheels offset is too low,you need spacer to adapt.The biggest offset for your car is 50mm. The reason is im staying on a farm and dirt road mess up my tyres. Dimensions of my tires are 185/60/r14. Would like to go 215/ or 225. The OEM wheels are 235/40-18, Offset 50. is the. I have a 1996 civic ex with factory 185/65R14 tires. My question is can I use a 15x8 wide steelies with +6 offset using my stock tires 195/65/15 without any modifications? Will 215/70R16 mounted tires and rims fit on my 2007 Honda civic ex? Hi,Heidi,If changed to smaller rims,The car chassis will decrease,it will make you drive more steady.For your road condition,you can also use a set of mud tires with 16/17'' rims. Hi,Karim,Try 215/50/17,this 17'' tire size can improve your car performance.It will increase your tire diameter(about 14mm) than before.No need to do any modification and it will increase your driving speed. Hi there was wondering I bought a2015 civic si sedan can I put a 215/70 r16 winter tires? Hi,James,no,it can not fit for .Try195/60/16. Is these will fit on my car? I have a 2015 civic sedan lx, I am wanting to put 2015 accord sport wheels on it, they are 18x8 50 mm offset, I don't want 225/40 tires, can I fit a 225/45 or a 235/40? I have checked a few websites and they said that 6.5" wide rims would work. I have a 2014 Civic Si and was wondering if 205/60R16 Winter tires will fit.Thanks. I have a 94 Honda Civic LX, what is the largest size tire I can put on my car? Hi,Garth,no,16'' rims can't fit for 18''. Thanks, I had a used set of 215's so was curious before having them changed out. I have set of x-ice tires 205/60/r16 on my 2006 Honda Civic ex 1.8L, and anytime I turn the right front wheel rubs and make some noise. Hi, i have honda civic 2007, i want to change the orginal tires from 15" to 17" , is that ok or that make risk where i find the size printed on door is 15". I am currently running stock 14" steel wheels on my 97 civic ex, lowered on eibach/koni. With the Honda Civic wheel size chart, users can quickly figure out the effects of changing the offset and wheel width. Hi,Daniel,The tallest diameter rims and tire size is 17''.If you can show the current tire and rim size,i can help you confirm the tallest size. Your site says 7.5 ? Hello: I have a 2007 Honda Civic. have 2002 civic with 185 65 15..will 195 55 15 work on rims and will they fit???? Could I put the rims from the '06 on the '12 without having a problem? Thank you, Hello Scott, yes you can use 205/55 R16 or 215/55 R16 or 225/50 R16. thank youreply. Hi,Ali Dalir.15'' can fit for your car,but before installing,you'd better to confirm the other specs. more power. Hi,lionel,There are two points you'd confirmed before:1.205/55/16 need also 16'' rims.2.if changed,The true speed will little faster that before. I own a 2010 civic coupe DX-G. What's the tallest diameter rim and tire I can put on my 94 civic hatch without rubbing.? Hi,Chris,If you car wheel bolt number is 4,You can use this wheels.For the tires,It is not compatible,But not too much,You can try that. Offset and all. Thanx for reading, help if you can. Hi,Cristian,for civic 2000,185/55/R16 is too large size,Can't fit for your car. I was wondering if 15X8 JNC rims with low profile tires would fit on it, I have a 2010 civic sedan, I'm lookin to purchase the 2013 "17 civic Si wheels was wondering if the. Hello I have a 2013 Honda civic coupe, was wondering if 215/65 r15 winter tires would be an ok fit for the car? I really don't know how ? Is this possible? Honda Odyssey 2016 - Find out the correct alloy wheel fitment, PCD, offset and such specs as bolt pattern, thread size(THD), center bore(CB) for Honda Odyssey 2016 About us is a Wheel … Click the "Alternate Sizes" button to see a list of similar tire sizes. Hi there. I would like to put 225/40 R18 on it. Thank you Pls reply.. バグを発見しましたか?2016年式ホンダ シビックのホイールスペックについてご質問がありますか? Click on each tire to compare prices online for that tire. Hi. 2016年式ホンダ シビック - の正しい合金ホイール装着、PCD、オフセット、およびボルトパターン、ネジサイズ(THD)、ハブ径などスペックを見つけます ニュース と厳然たる事実 常に改善を重ねています! wheel-size.jpがiOSプラットフォーム向けの新しいアプリを発表 Upsizing Wheels or Tires? I was wondering if I could use 185/55R16 for a Honda civic 2000. Hi,mikey,No,these two tires are not compatible. I've heard that there are very few 16" wheels that will clear the brakes on the Si. Please guide whats the issue. Im also putting lowering springs on it which will lower it 2 inches on the front and the back. Is it going to stay negative after I put new wheels? Hi I have a 12 with the stock 15" steel wheel. Will the 18 tires rub the inside of the wheel well? I would like a good samaritan to help me understand what tire I should buy for a Honda civic hatchback make 1990 , 1.6 si , I have googled around and understood it should be fitted with 185/60/14 , then bumped on a great discount gas station which sells german-made Continental 185/55/14 for 45 US$/unit .Therefore , please advise If I can go ahead and fit the civic with 04 tires of the latter size and close the book on this . Everything else seems to be the same. I understand my speed my be off. I want to put a 18" rim on it, what's the proper spec of the rim and tire , that will not rub. 2016 Civic Touring Feb 14, 2017 Banned #2 Razro95 said: The new 2017 CR-V Has a option for a heated steering wheel. Thanks. Hi sir i have a honda civic coupe lx and i wonder if i get a 18x8 +38 i wonder if they will fit on my car, will 235-70-16 tires fit on my 07 civic sedan. I have a 98 civic lx and am looking to get new rims. Hi,5532,The flexibility for offset is +_5mm.The flexibility for wide is +_.\0.5inch. AND IF POSSIBLE what is the proper offset for this rims? I have civic 2007 and the size of rim is 16 is that possible i can put tyre with rim size 15 on it, Hi,Binni,Yes.but you need to make sure the 15'' rims and tires have same bolt pattern and similar offset with the 16''. I was wondering if these wheels that I already bought will fit (have to wait the winter to end here in canada to try them). I want to change these to 18x8 or 18x7 wheels. Hi,Asia,The stock tire size for your car is 185/60/14,If you still want to use 14'' rims,The biggest tyre size is 235/50/14. I have a 94 civic (cx) wondering if a set of 205/40/r17 would fit? Hi,Justin,The offset is 50mm and width is 6.0''. Which is the best tires size to use in this case? I have winter tires that are 205 60/R16. Really appreciate it! Will they fit my vehicle? Hi there, I have a 1996 Honda civic ex. Lug pattern. Im putting lowering springs on it that will lower it around 2 inches. Both 17" rim. I purchased a 2004 Civic LX and would like to add some new rims. Can I put Alu wheels 6jx14 et36with the same tires? Choose a model year to begin narrowing down the Hi I bought a rims 18x8 ET42 5x114.3... Can I install into my Honda Civic 2007 2.0? would 15x8 fit on my car with low profile tires. Do you know what the width and offset of the 15" stock steel wheel was? Originally with 15x6 inches wheels (now with 195/65/r15 winter tires). Keep in mind I dont really want to have to roll my fenders. 2016 Honda CIVIC SEDAN EX (TURBO) Variable Catalog New Vehicle Search All Vehicles Clear Recent Vehicles Search Bar 8 Search Home 2016 Honda CIVIC SEDAN Steering Wheel (SRS) Steering Wheel (SRS) … No issue on rubbing or fitting on the original steel rims? i just want to ask if my current winter tires for my 2013 civic touring 205/55/16 will work for the 2016 civic without affecting the speedometer reading? Click on each tire to compare prices online for that tire. Will a 235/45R17 tire fit? Will they fit on 16x6.5 Rim? Upsizing Wheels or Tires? Thinking about going -2, but not sure what I should be looking for in 16" wheels (offset, etc) to clear the brake calipers. My stock tire is 185 70 14. Honda Civic - Find out the correct alloy wheel fitment, PCD, offset and such specs as bolt pattern, thread size(THD), center bore(CB) for all model years of Honda Civic. How do I find them and how much will they cost me? Find detailed specifications and information for your 2016 Honda Civic Sedan. Hi, Brandon. My granddaughter has a 1997 Honda Civic with 17" rims and low profile tires. Hi,Douglas Forbes,For the rims,What the bolt pattern of your civic?If it is 4*100,It can fit for your car.For the tires,You'd better show your current tire size,I can help you confirm. Will p185/60/15 tire work on my ef hatch. It has 14s right now I'm just wondering if I can change to this size tire. just wondering if i put 18x9.5 front and 18x10 at the rear is there any issue of rubbing on the fender and somewhere?