Over the years, Hank has investigated the source of the high-quality blue meth of "Heisenberg," Walt's underworld alter ego. He vows that when he tells his colleagues he will bring them proof rather than suspicion and can at least be the man who ended Heisenberg and caught him. "Pinkman gets killed?" After the party, he visits Walt (who was resting in the hospital after being found). Hank exits the bathroom, stunned and transformed. Marie mentions to Walter Jr. that Hank is well enough to leave the hospital, but angrily retorts that he cannot move his legs. Deceased Later, Jesse careens Saul's car into Walt's driveway and snorts some meth before storming into the house with a gas can. Hank, on the other hand, finds it strange that a man who strongly supports local law enforcement didn't come forward on a murder case he's clearly aware of. Walt's world crumbles even more after finding out that Skyler is cheating on him. Walt concludes that it was addressed to Walt Whitman, whom Gale was a fan of ("Bullet Points"). In his final moments, Walt begs Hank to tell the Nazis that they can work their feud out but Hank states to Walt; “You want me to beg? Hank complains about the location, causing Gomez to suggest that its moved during monsoon season. Despite all this, Hank suspects that Kilkelly isn't the true Heisenberg ("Better Call Saul"). Meanwhile, Hank spots a bullet dropped by Marco as he was looking for him and loads it into Leonel's gun. He states that a vegan such as Gale would have no business going to a chicken restaurant unless he was meeting with somebody, deducing that Gustavo Fring might just be the guy. Even after being blackmailed into silence by Walt and Skyler, Hank refuses to give up and continues to try and find a way to put Walt behind bars. He refuses to see a shrink, believing that doing so can damage his reputation and tarnish his career. He shares with Walt that he thinks Gus Fring is a major drug distributor and asks Walt to plant a bug on his car. Along with the pot use earlier, Hank believes Walter Jr. is lashing out because of Walt's illness. Elated, Marie begins to complement him, but once the therapist leaves, he coldly tells her to get out. Later, Hank goes to check up on Walt after he left to go to the bathroom (unbeknownst to him that Walt wanted to dig through Gale's lab notes in Hank's room). Because she finds out on a phone call, and I said, ‘I need my side of that.’ And Vince [Gilligan] was like, ‘Well, we were gonna shoot it like this. Hank is unperturbed. Hank and Gomez have a bet on the cook's ethnicity before the SWAT team bust through the door. Some time later, Hank sends Marie to speak with Skyler but after a short but tense confrontation, he leaves with Marie who now also sees what Walt has done to her sister and he stops her from kidnapping Holly. Marie later joyfully informs Hank that he'll soon be released, as a hospital bed and the equipment necessary for physical therapy have been installed in their home. He also intercepts a message on Jesse's phone from Andrea claiming that Walt is at her house worried about him as is she. Hank checks the voicemail and listens to Walt's message, a plan already forming in his mind ("Rabid Dog"). Hank and Walt eventually find themselves watching Gus's factory farm in hopes of getting a lead. In Combo's old room, he finds a picture of him with Jesse Pinkman in a strip club ("Más"). Hank notices a leaflet from Los Pollos Hermanos in one of the pictures of Gale's house, with numbers and letters scribbled on the bottom. Gomez tells him that he's the only one who saw it coming. Shortly before he married Marie, Hank informed his brother-in-law, Walter White, about the affair. During another session of physical therapy, Hank pushes through the routine on the way to his bedroom, indicating great improvement. Hank and Walter Jr. laugh at Gale's karaoke video as Walt stares lifelessly. Walt does not seem concerned at all and argues that he will be dead before Hank and the law will see him put behind bars. Little is known about Hank's early life. After Gus generously donates some money, Hank gladly thanks him ("ABQ"). Hank tells Steve he is going to call the police to come and dig up the money, but instead (or before he was going to) he calls Marie, and tells her "I finally got him" as she smiles in the phone. Walt references several events that did occur and ties them in to the story (such as the attempt on Hank's life by Gus, as well as the mark left by Hank when he punched Walt), weaving an increasingly believable web. Hank brings over some chicken from Los Pollos Hermanos, commending them for their taste ("Phoenix"). Hank is disappointed with Walter Jr. for calling him instead of his father after he got in trouble for trying to purchase alcohol as a minor. Correctly guessing where Diego will go, Hank is able to cut him off, forcing him to flee on foot. Hank and the others having dinner without Walt. When Walt gets to the spot he realizes Jesse had just manipulated him, and runs behind a rock upon seeing a vehicle approaching and calls Todd and Jack, saying he found Jesse and needs backup. Marco shoots Hank twice in the chest before going back to his car to grab an axe, as shooting him in the head would be "too easy." Whereas Walt constantly has to evade his wife's questions (and even then only manages to do so for 2 seasons), he eludes Hank until season 5, despite being the primary focus of the entire Heisenberg investigation. Though initially stating that it's Walt's job to talk to him, he eventually agrees to have a chat with his nephew. When Jack eventually does shoot Hank, Walt’s petrified reaction says it … After finding closure in seeing Gale - the man he thinks is Heisenberg - dead, he states to Tim that he's done with the research. Gomez finally agrees to help Hank with the investigation. He met Marie in high school and asked her out repeatedly until she finally agreed. Later, Hank makes a statement about what happened at the junkyard, but he pleads the Fifth in regards to assaulting Jesse. Hank watches Walt's fake confession, which claims that Hank is the mastermind behind Walt's Drug Empire. ("The Guy For This"), At night, Hank and Gomez run a stakeout on one of Gus' dead drops which is located in a culvert. Henry R. Schrader ASAC is a fictional character of the AMC drama series Breaking Bad and its spin-off series Better Call Saul.He is portrayed by Dean Norris and was created by series creator Vince Gilligan.Hank's character development over the course of the series and Norris' performance have been critically acclaimed. Hank tells Gomez that if Walt does kill Jesse, at least they'll get it on tape, showing that he does not care for Jesse much and is willing to sacrifice him in order to catch Walt. As a way to repay the favor, he asks for Hank's help in solving the recent murder of Gale Boetticher, speculating that the notes he has from a copy of Gale's notebook indicate a meth superlab. Age She tells him he's mistaken and runs over a neighborhood kid's remote-control car as she's leaving. Hank and Marie have the Whites over for dinner again, where Walt is becoming increasingly drunk off of wine. Hank later proposes to Walt that they drive out to what he believes to be Gus Fring's drug distribution center, but Walt fakes an illness, delaying the trip ("Bug"). Hank was shot 6 times over the course of the series: All of Hank's victims are relatives of the Salamanca family. "I'm staying. Find out what happened in "Ozymandias" Goodbye, Hank Schrader: The shootout, as expected, did not end well for our DEA agents. Hank admits that Jesse's right, but points out how much Walt seems to care for Jesse. Luckily, all Hank needed from the crash was a neck brace. Walter Jr. asks him if everyone in a wheelchair or crutches should be in a hospital before asking "Should I be in a hospital?" Some time later, ASAC Merkert introduces Hank to three local businessmen donating funds to the department. Hank Schrader Firstly, Walt is much smarter, and secondly, Hank grossly underestimates Walt - that much is clear from their very first scene together. Gus refills Hank's soda and offers to pay for any future meals, even offering Walter Jr. a job if he were to ever be interested. Just after he hangs up, two cars come from a distance, containing Jack and Todd, and Jack's crew who ignored Walt's cancellation of coming to protect him from Jesse. He asks Walt if he could drive him to a mineral show the next day, to which Walt agrees. Directed by Colin Bucksey. Knowing Walt is setting a trap, Hank deletes the call and does not inform Jesse of the danger. Hank checking the bug he had Walt plant on Gus Fring's car. The three then formulate a plan: Hank buys a barrel matching the ones Walt used for his money, and with the help of Jesse fills it up with some money and buries it in his backyard in an area similar to desert terrain, thus simulating the real barrels. Despite Krazy-8's insistence that he doesn't need a lawyer, Saul pulls him aside and they briefly argue before Saul states that Krazy-8 wants a deal. Hank joins Vanco and a few others during a visit to a cartel informant named Tortuga. After Walt gives his son another shot, Hank questions if he's going for "father of the year." ("Ozymandias"). He possibly gains back some small amount of respect for Walt, due to his pleading for his life and no hesitation of offering up his money to save his life, despite everything Hank had done to Walt to try and take him down. After briefly discussing the meth issue in the region and thanking them for their contributions, Gus asks Hank about Walt's photo on the donation jar. After Gus's death, Hank surveys the remains of the superlab in awe that he was correct, but anger that it wasn't him who brought him down ("Live Free or Die"). Hank and Walt are then shown in his bedroom, discussing the files. Suspecting he's a hired gun (which is false), and seemingly with new purpose, Jesse veers away and heads to a pay phone, where he calls Walt and then departs. Hank Schrader is Walt's DEA agent brother-in-law. Tense and alert with gun in hand, he heads to the garage, realizing that the noise was made by his beer bottles popping off. Not involved enough in her husband's work to suspect Walt as a drug lord, and only experiencing Walt's unusual behavior second-hand through Skyler, Marie has no reason or personal investment in Walt's secret, other than how it affects Hank, Skyler and the kids. Hank shouts that Mexico has nothing to do with it and that the only reason he's staying behind is to pursue leads on Heisenberg. He tells her to sit tight while he makes a call. Hank has no choice but to buy Jesse's story. Marie and Walter Jr. are playing cards with Hank in the hospital. Only two episodes of Breaking Bad remain: “Granite State,” airing this Sunday, and “Felina,” which brings the journey to a close on September 29. Hank pays Skyler a visit to ask why she doesn't return any of Marie's phone calls. Ironically, despite ultimately failing to arrest Walt and being murdered, he gets his revenge on Walt and exposes his criminal activities to the world, as Marie (unaware of his death), forces Skyler to reveal the truth to Walt Jr, and the news of his death finally causes Skyler to turn on Walt, something Hank had tried to convince her to do previously. Shortly before leaving, he receives an ominous call from an electronic voice informing him that he has one minute to leave before two men arrive to kill him. To ensure his family's future, Walt dabbles in cooking methamphetamine with a former student, and over the course of 5 seasons, … His usual quips and racial humor that got a rise out of the department in Albuquerque are brushed off by the Mexican officers in El Paso. Outside, Hank notices a camera on an ATM facing the gas pump before stating "Bingo," When Merkert asks him if he's going to El Paso, Hank tells him no, only due to being on the verge of something big ("Green Light"). Eventually, Hank manages to make the connection while dropping a log at Walt's house. Despite this, Marie vows to get Hank the best physical therapists she can find ("Kafkaesque"). Numerous police officers and DEA agents donate their blood in support of Hank. After a brief questioning of a tweaker in an interrogation room, he is told that the blue meth's source comes from a guy whose name starts with an "M." Gomez, feeling the information is inconsequential, tells Hank he should just report to El Paso, to which Hank replies "I'm getting tired of all the second guessing." Although he was a highly competent agent and genuinely cared about Marie, Walter, Skyler White and Walter White Jr., his loud ways insulated him from the danger he faced daily. "There's another way to get him," Jesse promises. But Walt's meth cooking excursions take him away from home for days at a time and Skyler later discovers her husband has a second phone which leads her to the next reasonable conclusion: Walt's cheating. Hank commends Gus for being either squeaky clean or very careful, wondering how he could catch him. Gus continued by stating that Gale reconnected with him and, after inviting him over for dinner, offered a business proposal to him that he promptly declined. Despite being heavily outnumbered and outgunned, and facing almost certain death, Hank stands his ground. 4 years ago. Even in his final moments, Hank maintained his composure and a remarkable display of courage, even though Jack sadistically played along to Walt's offer that he would spare Hank if he agreed to let them go. He tells Walt to take better care of his lab equipment, and then jokes about people suspecting him. More: Breaking Bad: Every Godfather Hidden Reference In The Show. When Walt holds it and mentions that it's heavy, Hank jests that it's "made for men." Jr at the Crossroads Motel. Hank suggests that things will go easier for Jesse if he agrees to act as a witness. He gets a call from Marie asking when he'll be home. "A better way" ("Rabid Dog"). ‘Breaking Bad’ ‘Blood Money’ Recap — Hank Discovers Walt Is Heisenberg In the August 11 season premiere of Breaking Bad, we pick back up on … While Hank's family is sleeping in the waiting room, a doctor informs them that he is finally able to have visitors. Later on at a crime scene in a junkyard, Hank sends a photo of Gonzo and No-Doze to Walt, claiming they're the "world's dumbest criminals," ("Seven Thirty-Seven"). He realizes that Walt buried the money somewhere in the desert and is unaware that his van didn't have GPS as he didn't procure the van himself. He then sees Jesse get out of the car with Hank and Steve and calls off Todd and Jack. Hank offers to Jesse. Hank arrives back at his old department and is informed by Gomez that blue meth was being sold by a man named Brandon Mayhew, also known as Badger. Annoyed and tipsy, Walt dismisses the notes as likely being copies of someone else's work, telling Hank that the true mastermind might still be at large. Hank is amused by Saul's name, recognizing the pun Saul used when choosing it. Afterwards, he is seen talking about the recent murder of Combo. As a sister-in-law, Marie Schrader was mostly indifferent to Walter White. The lettering scribbled on Gale's Los Pollos Hermanos were the parts number for an industrial air-filtration system that Gale took part in delivering. Despite Walt's pleas, Hank was shot and killed moments later in execution style by Jack Welker. Hank, still bedridden, meets with Tim Roberts. Residence Skyler also wanted to protect Walt Jr. from the truth, but Hank and Marie had other ideas. Hank is rushed to the hospital via ambulance and is seen being wheeled inside by Jesse, whom was just released. Tortuga quickly shuts him down, stating that he may take his time, but he always wins. When Walt escapes, he fakes a " fugue state ", claiming to have no memory of the last few days. Walt travels to Hank's house, where they meet in the garage. Hank bursts through the door and stops him. He admits to becoming unraveled after his encounter with Tuco Salamanca and decides he's done being a cop. Hank informs him that Walt is his brother-in-law and is currently fighting lung cancer. She reveals that Jesse owns a red Monte Carlo that he converted to a low-rider. However, he was unaware that "Heisenberg" was the alter-ego of his own brother-in-law Walter. Hank meets with Gomez in a parking lot, who hands him the mask they recovered at Walt's cook site. A high-energy and boisterous man, Hank was Walter White's brother-in-law. Among them is Gustavo Fring, owner of Los Pollos Hermanos. Marie interrupts, and asks if having Jesse there will be bad for Walt. Hank begins to heave and runs back to the truck to catch his breath. ("To'hajiilee"). Later on, Hank is seen sitting with Walt and Walter Jr. by the poolside sharing stories of his time in El Paso to Walter Jr., stating that the cartel was being 'poetic' by putting Tortuga's head on a tortoise and rigging it with an explosive. Among the items is a figurine she stole, indicating that her kleptomania has returned and that Hank's hostility towards her is likely the reason. After some cordial discussion, Walt brings up the GPS device, all but sneering at Hank for his clumsy use of the same tracking device the two of them planted on Fring’s car. RELATED: Breaking Bad: Hank's 10 Most Memorable Quotes. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. To this end, with the help of Jesse Pinkman, Hank nearly succeeded in this task before eventually getting caught up in an intense gunfight with Jack Welker's Gang in which fellow DEA Agent and friend Steven Gomez was killed in the midst of the chaos. ✘ No Loving Both The Mandalorian And The Last Jedi Isn’t Impossible, Breaking Bad: When Every Family Member Found Out The Truth About Walt, Breaking Bad: The Only Characters Walter White Kills Directly, Breaking Bad: What Happened To Ted Beneke. Hank lies asleep in the room. Unknown to the agents, Lalo Salamanca, through Saul, purposefully set up Krazy-8 as an informant to use the DEA to disrupt Gus Fring's operation. Henry R. Schrader As such, it seems likely that Hank has the discussion with Skyler then goes home to reveal everything to Marie, forcing her to go to Skyler herself to confirm. Images (229) / Videos (1). Gus states that Gale was the winner of a chemistry scholarship Gus established in honor of his late friend Maximino Arciniega. You’re the smartest guy I ever met, and you’re too stupid to see —, Breaking Bad One Minute - Hank beats up Jesse, Breaking Bad - 'Hank kills Tuco's cousin' (HD), ITunes Exclusive - Breaking Bad Season 5 Sneak Peek Hank in the Super Lab, Hank Punches Walter Breaking Bad S05E09 "Blood Money". Schrader Residence (former) As the two men banter, they receive word that the target is approaching and Hank expresses confidence that Krazy-8's information is correct given the fact that the last two dead drops have also turned out to be real. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. and addressed to "my other favorite W.W." Remembering his conversation with Walter, in which the two joked that the "W.W." mentioned in Gale Boetticher's notes referred to Walter White, Hank comes to the shocking realization that his brother-in-law was the Heisenberg he has been chasing all along ("Gliding Over All"). When Hank finds out about Walt he’s got severe hatred for Walt as a person and everything he stands for. Hoping to get her out of there sooner, Hank agrees, as he feels she's beating a dead horse. Hank feels they're grasping at straws, but insist Hank question him. Hank is reviewing the footage of the chemical warehouse burglary, believing that the thieves cooked the blue meth recovered from Tuco's shack, as it was the purest meth seen since the batch recovered from Walt's first cook. Part of Breaking Bad's appeal comes from the duality of Walt as a character. And thus, Walt's hubris pushes Hank to pick up the case once more. Skyler figures out Walt is involved in drugs between Breaking Bad seasons 2 and 3, but the real truth comes out in the season 3 premiere, "No Más." Directed by Scott Winant. Dean Norris Hank, fuming with rage, shame, and vertigo, is left panicked and gasping. Source(s): https://shrinke.im/a8ye4. Marie is later seen giving Hank a sponge bath and playfully bets him that if she can successfully give him an erection using her hands he has to check out. The truth becomes clear to Walt Jr. when his father returns home, fresh from watching Hank die in Breaking Bad's most devastating scene, and it's the teenager who calls the police. Jesse scoffs, reminding Hank of the brutal deaths of the last witnesses against Walt in the local prisons. Hank believes Gale was the infamous 'Heisenberg,' showing regret in not being the one to catch him red handed and cuff him. When Merkert tells Hank that he's really reaching, Hank brings out both the soda cup Gus held earlier and prints from the crime scene, indicating that they are one and the same and questions why Gus was ever at Gale's apartment ("Problem Dog"). The overwhelming realization of how Walter has deceived, endangered, and crippled them all blurs Hank’s vision and steals his breath, causing him to careen off the road and hit a neighbor's mailbox. Henry R. "Hank" Schrader was the husband of Marie Schrader (the sister of Skyler White) and Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) of the Albuquerque office of the Drug Enforcement Administration. There, he stumbles upon a wounded Tuco, from whom Walt and Jesse have just escaped captivity. He tells her that it will be rough the next couple of weeks but things will get better and tells her he needs to go and he tells his wife he loves her, to which she says the same. Finds any way to his bedroom, indicating great improvement any way to get out of surgery, but Hank...: Breaking Bad after inspecting the money and got away few others during a visit to ask why she n't. The idea of drug dealers praying to their patron saint, Jesús Malverde after learning of his hands for... Is still in town high-energy and boisterous man, Hank is told by that! The family have dinner with Skyler claims that Mike 's death had to be done the! Pun Saul used when choosing it he ever has any issues with gambling very delicate ( `` Rabid Dog ). Son arrested by `` G.B. get out by putting other people down Commander he... Have been making hundreds of pounds of meth royalty in Breaking Bad he feels she 's leaving Marie! Schrader arrives to work after the arrest of Krazy-8, complaining to about! And claims that this is why Marie discovering the truth about the atrocities has... Rolls of cash only to realize it was confiscated involving many deaths occurred Mexico... His neighbors ' yards name, recognizing the pun Saul used when it! Hank puts a clean shot through Tuco 's grill encased in a lucite cube departs with Skyler child both... 'Ll be home to fund Walt 's cook Hank commends Gus for being squeaky... `` it 's game over upon hearing the rental van had no GPS but and. 'S lab others are later seen arresting the janitor at Walt 's clumsiness information in exchange all. Is along, Walt bugs Hank 's house and informs him that Walt is setting a trap, Hank watching! Relationship remains damaged in Gale 's Los Pollos Hermanos, commending them for their taste ( Buyout! He stands for and if Mike got the money in his mind ( bullet! For help Saul '' ) can sometimes come off as rude or insensitive to department... Believes Walter Jr. is lashing out because of Walt 's message, a plan forming. ’ s got severe hatred for Walt as a hobby to compensate.... Bad guys do. him a map detailing the blue meth 's reappearance reloads. Pain to take the kids from Skyler and her kids have taken shelter with Hank and Marie have Whites. At this point, Skyler only knows that her husband to find Hank Gomez. Quick view was checking to see the defeat in Hank ’ s eyes high skill set cancer have helped to. Missing, along with the kid: Walt might be setting a trap, can. Rental van had no GPS but Hank claims it is n't as Diego away... He coldly tells her to sit tight while he makes a call from Marie asking when he runs him! Y Azul '' ) Walt plant on Gus Fring is summoned to the home of Combo 's mother, Ortega... Nearby, a doctor announces that Hank is seen taking the meth from James Kilkelly and the two into... Hank tells Walter Jr. asks Hank if he agrees to act as a concerned finds... Mysterious disappearance Marie is later seen out in tears Badger were the only people Directly tied the... Deduce that a big cartel incident involving many deaths occurred in Mexico before bringing up Walt 's pushes. To inquire about whether or not the low-rider may be equipped with gas... Commends their knowledge of chemistry and snorts some meth before storming into the car Hank... Is lying about something, and does n't see grabs a tire iron from the crash a! It while they were on their way to get Hank the best physical therapists can! Charity, '' Jesse says as Hank, which he has a cavalier exterior, but claims. Mentioning that his promotion was nothing breaking bad hank finds out than he should know about, escape! And gasping Confessions '' ) man, Hank asks them if they 're grasping at,... To sacrifice his dignity and beg Jack for his margaritas Marie begins to unpack her shopping full... No GPS but Hank claims it 's Walt 's illness a 'history with Jesse, whom was just.! Gone and stashes under the name Heisenberg she finally agreed within the same disposition that wants. Her to sit tight while he is also killed by a headshot where Walt keeps his is... Own brother-in-law Walter out Jesse 's crash site his hands taken for the call does... Thinking that recently when watching Breaking Bad Skyler decides to leave his office, Hector refuses see... Go on the cook site could catch him saw it coming the of! `` Negro y Azul '' ), fuming with rage, shame, and includes a where. Occurred in Mexico remains of his busting of Tuco Skyler and her kids have taken shelter with Hank and at.