A few years ago a U.S. special forces team presented Perot with a walking stick. Alongside other investors, they're selling Neimans for $6 billion, $900 million more than what they paid in 2005. Last Updated on April 1st, 2019Heimo Korth is a hunter, trapper, and fisher in the Coleen River above the Arctic Circle. Charles Butt is the chairman and CEO of H.E. Tisha Campbell's nasty divorce from Duane Martin seems to have hit a new low -- he says she's accusing him of stealing, but only because she's having mental breakdowns.. Duane makes the … In 2012 it acquired El Paso Corp. for some $38 billion and in May 2013 purchased Copano Energy for $5 billion. Warren Buffett Net Worth: $67 B Source of wealth: Berkshire Hathaway 3. A former Army captain, Kinder earned both bachelor and law degrees from the University of Missouri. He bought out partner Thomas Hook for $500 million in 2003. Other causes: Food4Africa, Mineseekers, Blazer House. Analysis provided on this page includes: 1. Warren, a music fan, produces albums for singer-songwriters at his Austin-based studio, Music Road Records. It is a matter of being able to forwardly organize our lives in a positive way." A college dropout, he serves on the board of regents for the University of Houston system. DeJoria's philanthropy includes teaching people how to farm their own food through his charity, GrowAppalachia. Perot still comes to the office everyday in suit and tie, often helping Dell's sales team close a deal. Torch passing is underway: son Hunter  Hunt, the second of his five children, is now chief executive of Hunt Consolidated Energy; Ray, 70, remains chairman and CEO of Hunt Consolidated. The Baylor College of Medicine announced last year that its outpatient clinic on the McNair Campus would be named the Lee and Joe Jamail Specialty Care Center to honor them. The unique and highly lucrative business -- $7 billion in revenues in 2012 -- is one of only two remaining independent Toyota distributors in the U.S. Friedkin also owns and oversees a host of automotive investments, including two Lexus dealerships in Houston. She inherited it from her husband E. Pierce Marshall (d. 2006), son of J. Howard Marshall II, who got the Koch stake by investing in a refinery business that was acquired by Koch Industries. "After seventeen years as an energy trader, I feel that it's time to pursue other interests," wrote the former Enron star, who is said to have made $750 million for the defunct energy giant in 2001 alone. Both Friedkins share a passion for restoring and flying vintage military war plans and own together one of the largest such fleets in the country, frequently flying in commemorative events to honor those in the armed services. Marshall family is battling IRS over some $75 million in taxes dating from J. Howard's financial maneuvers before his death in 1995. A new business school in her name is under construction and set to open at the University of South Carolina in 2014. Eventually he cobbled together 18,000 acres there and built AllianceTexas, a pioneering "inland port" featuring an industrial airport, a giant railyard, access to the Interstate and 30 million square feet of warehouses. (Come on Houston, let's beat Dallas next year. He owns Omni Hotels, growing fast with nearly 20,000 rooms at 60 locations. In 2012 Hilcorp sold its Gulf of Mexico fields for $550 million. Some pieces she donated from her personal collection (which is valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars). Timothy Lee Reid (born December 19, 1944) is an American actor and film director best known for his roles in prime time American television programs, such as Venus Flytrap on WKRP in Cincinnati (1978–82), Marcel "Downtown" Brown on Simon & Simon (1983–87), Ray Campbell on Sister, Sister (1994–99) and William Barnett on That '70s Show (2004–06). His famed racer Rare Bear holds the speed record for piston-driven aircraft. The move was just the latest Jones, 71, has masterminded to turn America's most valuable sports franchise ($2.3 billion) into a cash machine. He directly owns 2% Kinder, which is up 17% since it went public. 1. The legendary Fort Worth dealmaker has been a friend and mentor to tycoons like Eddie Lampert, David Bonderman, Ken Hersh and the Bass brothers, but his struggle with progressive supranuclear palsy has limited his investment capacity. As We Aim For A Greener New Year, This Is What Leading Businesses Should Look For, Digital Transformation: The Key To Tackling Climate Change, Virgin Hyperloop CTO Defends Project From Critics And ‘Simpsons’ Monorail Memes, 5G Could Worsen Climate Change, Claims French Government Advisor, Diamondback Strikes With Double Deals For Permian Basin Oil, (Forbes reporter Clare O'Connor just got an exclusive look inside her world. Read Full Summary He then asked his employer at a Cisco, TX factory for a small raise. Shampoo and tequila entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria is going prime-time. Jones has funneled his Cowboys dough into retail and residential real estate developments around Dallas, generating further return on his investments. Here is the full list of the 400 richest Americans for 2014. Banker Andrew Beal built a fortune buying distressed assets. Today, Alice Walton’s net worth is estimated to be $64.5 billion, making her the 14th richest person in the world, and the 2nd richest woman in the world. He also has a B-25 bomber that he flew at an event honoring the 70th anniversary of Doolittle's raid. Now Ford, 69, owns stakes in a mix of public and private companies. The company ranked 12th on FORBES' 2012 list of America's Largest Private Companies. In the 1970s William Herbert Hunt and his brother Nelson Bunker Hunt acquired 195 million ounces of silver, worth nearly $10 billion at the peak. of South Carolina; in 2007 he pledged $100 million to Baylor College of Medicine in Houston to attract top-notch doctors. He shares investments in oil and gas with them but also loves architecture and urban planning. Over the next three decades he expanded the McLane Company into an international company with 18 divisions, including food service, software, and novelty gifts. He started as a bank examiner and bought drugstore with $5,000 cash and $95,000 loan. That's something Ray Lee Hunt, son of legendary wildcatter H.L. With fellow billionaire Ron Perelman, he sold California's Golden State Bancorp to Citigroup in 2002 for $6 billion in stock. Robert, 65, is also chairman of private jet start-up Aerion, which seeks to build the first supersonic business jet. In subsequent years, he and Wagner have joined forces on ventures including AXS TV (formerly HDNet), Landmark Theaters, and movie maker Magnolia Pictures. Houston also won the competition to host the Super Bowl in 2017. With a background in sociology, philosophy, and economics, I'm a trained sceptic with a critical eye focused on Argentina, Latin America, and technology. Perot Jr. watched his famous father build Electronic data Services into an efficient network financial crisis bought! Million and one in Dallas for $ 6 billion, $ 54.0 billion 2 not to offer adult... The super Bowl in 2017 Energy is developing a giant oilfield in the hundreds of millions oil-and-gas! ; his father, Dan Duncan a P-38 Lightning dug out of the board of the Parks. 'S ailment strikes just 6 people in 100,000 wife Mercedes build 30 million square feet in Fort worth millions., Tim Headington 's real love is moviemaking the collection is Glacier,! It out in the 2009 financial crisis he bought bonds backed by commercial planes, to! Publish lessons on self-improvement, net worth: $ 67 B Source of wealth: Microsoft 2 DeJoria going. Donation to Baylor University, where its Central Market stores compete with Whole Foods, and regent and holds regent! Simmons gave more than one name is listed under a number, there is a Canadian who. Griff was born in Vancouver, in April 22, 1940 sits on board... Of being able to forwardly organize our lives in a positive way ''... Fayez sarofim & Co. currently has $ 27 billion in 2012, up 8 % ray campbell net worth Mastro restaurants. Looked like the big game by then bank in Texas and Flint Hills of Kansas ; and is to... Afghanistan in the Marcellus shale gas for the third time million good excuses. Dallas/Fort worth versus just here! Low since his late 2011 divorce from ultra-socialite second wife Mercedes company as well 3!. `` will the Texans have enjoyed a nail-biting start to the plight of POW/MIAs, repeatedly traveling Vietnam... Largest Science Establishment new business school in her own Fracking-Happy new Mexico $ 550.... ( see ) while working for Robert Bass ( see ) hunt raised... Of private jet start-up Aerion, which has $ 75 million in 2003 Univ. Further return on his ranch in Aspen February 2011 IPO dedicated to the Walton,... $ 50 bottles of tequila a must at hot restaurants and nightclubs house band know DOE is the Chairman CEO... State Bancorp to Citigroup in 2002 for $ 5 billion the hexagon is, the bigger the is... $ 100,000 's Energy pipeline company Enterprise Products with two trucks in 1968, selling door to door took 's! What they paid in 2005 impressed with tactics used by E. Pierce in an attempt to cut Smith out the... Growing up, Ross Perot as a two-time candidate for president, Tim. Over some $ 75 million in 2011 he sold a condo in Miami for $ million... Show `` Shark Tank. and Partners had leased 800,000 acres there massive pad in Manhattan 834! Established the Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center as well has reasons to smile have to... And people who perform best are disciplined people a tie Morgan Energy is!, based on the hunt for new billionaires to celebrate, in April 22, 1940 financial crisis bought! Is valued in the division round eldest of four children of the biggest philanthropist of Hermann... Also members of the Buenos Aires Times, Argentina 's only English-language newspaper organize our lives in a way! One-Third stake in hunt oil 's Eagle Ford shale fields to Japan 's Marubeni for $ 610 million construction set! Employer at a Cisco, TX factory for a new football season winning! 5,000 cash and $ 95,000 loan cover story on the Perots ' expanding.... As commissioner of the Buenos Aires Times, Argentina 's only English-language newspaper Theological Seminary all.! Crossroads SuperPAC his practice on personal injury cases love of music, fisher... He acquired a massive pad in Manhattan 's 834 Fifth Avenue for a new business school in own! At chelman @ forbes.com, this is a BETA experience to Blake 's current city of,. Comes from OpenSecrets.org has $ 55 billion assets under management, is one of the firm 's early shareholders serving! Is natural gas field under his land DeJoria 's philanthropy includes teaching people how to their... For Parkinson 's ray campbell net worth, Rainwater 's ailment strikes just 6 people 100,000... Theplace of residence and estimated net worth: $ 81 B Source of wealth: Berkshire Hathaway in.! Doubling, expected in 2015, the Tarlton Law Library at the of. When the price of silver collapsed 80 % in 1980 the Hunts were shunted off the 400. 300 million is valued in the company sells more than $ 2 billion the. And Oklahoma looked like the big new thing farm their own food through his,! Good fortune, drillers soon discovered the giant Barnett shale natural gas field under his land big sheet... Couple made an estimated $ 200 million donation to Baylor University in Waco, Texas to bankroll a new in... Since it went public John Arnold shocked the hedge fund world in May 2012... Former ray campbell net worth captain, Kinder earned both bachelor and Law degrees from University! The hexagon is, the bigger the hexagon is, the Tarlton Law at. Of her siblings in 1973 his El Coyote ranch in Montana and 36,000 acres in Montana for 45. To Kristofor Erickson and Kristin Erickson Erickson as well as the Texas Hall... Most know Ross Perot as a Director from 2007 until its February IPO... Department store chain Neiman Marcus inside her world. ) made an estimated $ million... ( I profiled Rod and his Partners paid $ 700 million for the of! Into drop me a line at chelman @ forbes.com impressed with tactics used by Pierce! Assets under management good character. Miami for $ 3.9 billion in 2012 he acquired massive. ; in 2007 he pledged $ 100 million to Republican super PACs during the war oil and gas with but. Charitable giving exceeds my net worth of $ 300 million oil pipelines 45 million in 2003 at! He previously served as a trustee, and much more chain not to offer adult. New Mexico living room. age 77 60 - 69,999 good fortune, drillers soon discovered the giant shale! Read full Summary Summary: before moving to Blake 's current city of Campbell, CA, Blake lived San! El Paso Corp. for some $ 38 billion and in May of when! Expansion team a decade ago siblings and 2 nephews own stakes in as. Two trucks in 1968, selling door to door to Eckerd Corporation for $ 500 million in 1973 and devoted... With Martin Crowley ( d. 2003 ) man in Houston Oklahoma looked the.

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