Think about enjoying a great sunny day out on the lake in a canoe with nature all around you. The versatile canoe choice for getting started; great for sportsmen, families or as a second canoe, the Adventure 16 … The bucket seats & cupholders made this 'luxury canoe' the perfect tool to get me & the wife roughing it outdoors. Again, when the dog tried to lean over for a drink, we would tip to one side, but never felt close to going over. My wife and I went on a 5 1/2 hour trip down the Mississippi in Central Minnesota and had the time of our life. I keep up with kayaks even when I am alone. You definitely sit higher in this canoe than most others, and once the canoe starts to tip its very difficult to correct or stop. Asking $500, call or text 910three82five675. Like I said we are beginners and I do not have anything to compare this canoe with but I do not look at other canoes or kayaks and wonder if it could be better. The only negitive thing I can say is that I can not find ANY accessories for this boat. But the seats, speed and look are unbeatable. Mad River Adventure 16. I don't think it was necessarily the weight, but the high center of gravity; all 3 of us are 6'+ and those seats are pretty high (the center seat is lower). I've paddled this canoe on section one of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in NY and on the New, Greenbrier, and Coal Rivers located in WV. I bought this canoe to do some fishing in ponds and swamps. We both use 240cm kayak paddles and we just fly in this boat. The Adventure 16 canoe measures in at 16 feet long by 37 inches wide. If anyone else has suggestions for this, Please let me know. very happy customer. I will probably try the suggestion below of putting some 50lb bags of sand in front and behind the center seat to see if this adds more stability. The Adventure is a bit heavy (why it gets dragged as opposed to carried)but is a great boat for our use. I have canoed and kayaked for many years in many different boats, both whitewater and flatwater. We have never tipped it nor come close. DO NOT USE THE PADDLE IN THE FRONT LIKE A RUDDER, THE BOAT ONLY STOPS!!! Your email address will not be published. Overall its a good performer if you're looking to do tandem day trips. and the canoe did not sink even with the weight. MAD RIVER CANOE ‘ADVENTURE 16’ From $1495 AUD, includes 2 paddles. I can cast standing up in a Mad River Legend 16 or Old Town Discovery series, but can hardly reach for an anchor or tackle box in the A-16 without fear of tipping. Read reviews for the Adventure 16 by Mad River as submitted by your fellow paddlers. I think it is every bit as capable as any other boat of it's general type...and for less money. canoes. For amateurs like us it's quite stable. The bunny logo embossed on the transom is cute but results in woefully thin areas as well as a very irregular contact surface for the motor mounts. It is also very comfortable. A breakthrough in value and performance, this roto-moulded polyethylene canoe has integrated all the features you need - contoured comfortable seats, adjustable padded backrests, storage, carry handles and cup holders! Bit heavy, but sturdy. Lots of room, easy to paddle when I am by myself, tracks good and is tough as nails. My friend & I are experienced, yet two novices that travelled with us this past summer did better in class 1 & 2+ rapids with their Pelican. I read the reviews about the canoe being "tippy". But it is tough! Highly recommend getting two NRS Lash kits as this boat seems made for them. Being a value shopper (read cheap), I canvassed Craigslist and was open to all types and price ranges but never seemed so sure on a particular one. It has been a great work-horse and it still competes with more modern designs. I love the lip around the top of the canoe. This is my first canoe and I would recommend it to anyone. Its mamma must have been a canoe and its daddy a kayak. It is precisely this quality that makes the boat a joy to paddle. We felt quite safe in this canoe. Love my adventure 16! Mad River's response is that the cracks are not a result of a manufacturer's defect with no additional explanation. We took the A16 out on its maiden voyage yesterday with just me and my was miserable. I weigh 170lbs, and when I have another paddler almost the same size as me, the canoe seems very unstable. You may shelve your current paddle! We didn't make it 30 seconds before we tipped it. Overall, this is a great boat and I have enjoyed the 20+ trips I have made in the 5 weeks that I have owned the boat! In addition, I've taken it poling up the Skykomish River here in Washington. No, not because I like terrorizing my wife, but because the boat can be heeled and turned at will, which experienced paddlers will enjoy. Buying a Mad River Adventure 16 was a terrible mistake. The low water meant a congregation of alligators. I agree with all the users saying how tippy this boat is. its rather have for one person to transport, but a folding cart that fits in front of the front seat is very helpful. At 80lbs, it's a task to roof top it, but I have managed to do so on my own a couple of times. It handles ok with one guy. We have been taking lots of different people out on the canoe since we bought it in May 05 and everything has been smooth rowing. The canoe is very comfortable and tracks well in the water. The canoe handles well and cut the wind nicely. if it is tippy for you you must be overloading it; super stable in fast or slow water. I found an inexpensive canoe seat that works great on the middle seat for adults. Many knock it for being heavy, but it's only ten pounds heavier than the highest rated all-purpose tandems. The seats are very comfortable for hours at a time, and there's plenty of room for fishing gear, etc. some extra storage room would be nice, but that is the only thing I have to say bad about this product. This canoe is fantastic. I put a collapsible 5 gal water container in the bow and it makes solo paddling in the wind a non issue. You can get a single-person canoe for around $500, but with an additional $300, you can get the three-person Adventure 16. Packed with features like comfortable, padded molded seats with adjustable backrests, and plenty of space to store drinks, coolers, and cargo, this low-maintenance canoe is perfect for busy paddlers on-the-go. As for rapids, who wants to take a 16' canoe down rapids? Canoe & Paddle Reviews > Mad River > Mad River Adventure 16. This canoe easily scores a 4 out of 5 on any rating scale. This is somewhat surprising for an entry level boat. Traditional canoes are typically built around a fiberglass body and frame. With its seat backs, middle seat, drink holders, etc. Mad River Explorer 16 #4 in Recreational Canoes Specs. The boat doesn't even drain all of its water when turned upside-down because of the lips around the gunnels. However, it is shockingly and unacceptably unstable for those uses. I used to flip every canoe i ever had but doubt i will ever flip this beast. The wind was up to 20-25 mph and the temp was around 48F. Browse Mad River's top-rated canoes and more. Nice!!!! Not too pleased with that. Heavy mother, though, that's the only downside. The only problem I had was with a strong prevailing wind. None of that should be necessary in a boat made for fishing and family flatwater, and the A-16 is certainly not good for anything else. It is my second canoe. The old swivel hip technique becomes a right brain thing very quickly. Not a bad canoe...especially for the price. There are many canoes out there with different features, but for average outdoor enthusiast, there really are only a few. I have canoed with my friends for several years now, but never owned my own boat. Little heavy at 90lbs. I think what saved the canoe was the high Georgia summer temperature that day, which made the plastic somewhat pliable...I dunno...but I was glad it was so hot. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. The Mad River Adventure 16 canoe’s price tag is suggested at $795. If there are any negatives, I suggest you eat your Wheaties if you've got to carry it far or load it yourself. While a section of the hull bottom is flattened and grooved the ends of the boat are veed. We finally got as much of our mass as low as possible, but it just wasn't a pleasant experience. I have had the Adventure 16 for several weeks now. It is surprising that such a wide and flat-bottomed canoe could be so unstable, but it is. This canoe is very stable, even with our dogs moving around. It is a canoe on the river, not a piece of furniture in the living room! Never been concerned unless paddling with a newbie that can't sit still. My wife prefers it to the other canoe, kayaks and jon boat we keep since we can travel further with less fatigue. Once I got out of position and was running in some heavy current, got sideways and here comes a tree. I'm going to have a spray skirt made for it this summer and try a river or two. Está construido con polietileno. Took my own advice and added two 40lb bags of sand on the floor of the canoe just in front of the center seat. It's not that I'm a klutz. Once you are accustomed to this canoe, you will not tip. We have paddled for years and we have a very active young son and a very active 85lb dog so our boats require really good stability. It looks good, rides good in chop because of that triple chin. In GA I've paddled it in the Okefenokee swamp. Great little canoe for the price. Moderator:Admins. Having some weight amidships makes a big difference. I followed the manufacturer's specs to keep the motor below 54 lbs of thrust and used a 45 lb motor. I get on my favorite river in North Alabama, the Flint, a lot and love to get on it right after a 2-3 inch rain. Mad River Boat Trips: Mad River Adventure - See 1,368 traveler reviews, 195 candid photos, and great deals for Jackson, WY, at Tripadvisor. Going out on the Flint River this weekend. There is a block of plastic bolted to the molded transom to provide rigidity to make up for the thin plastic hull. And, the seats - well, they are heavenly. Along with the square back, the Adventure 16 comes with three molded and contoured seats. But, for an entry-level canoe it is fantastic as far as I'm concerned. Another issue is the lack of attachable stuff. I bought this canoe mainly for the square stern to mount an electric trolling motor. The lake was filled with Kayaker's and not a single one was moving faster than us and we weren't trying to go fast. The seats are very comfortable, you can paddle many hours in this canoe quite comfortably. Best 499 dollars I ever spent. This should be considered before paddling with three people as tipping the canoe could be possible. Next Adventure PDX 17,066 views. Happy Happy Happy. The canoe is very comfortable and tracks well. Making it even more attractive, is that the Adventure 16 comes ready "out of the box" to accept an electric trolling motor* with… 261 1. I agree with the review below that the Adventure 16 is a bit tipsy, especially with two men paddling.

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